Maintaining Motivation

After going through this module I found it very helpful. I found some new strategies to have when it comes to studying and doing my work. What I found most useful were distractions. I thought that was helpful because when I’m doing work I get distracted very easily and I need to take that into action when it comes to doing my work. One slide talked about going to a quiet place. I feel like that helps because when I’m around a lot of noise and people I cant focus and do my work so when I got to a quiet place it helps. In the future, I’m going to continue to focus on muy work and getting it down without distractions. I feel like that’s a big factor why I don’t get work done and why I can’t ever finish my work. I get distracted very easily and it’s hard for me to focus when there’s a lot of things going on around me at once.

searching and researching post

After going through this module, the most useful thing I learned was the difference between research
” and “Search” (Slide 10&12) I always thought they were kind of the same thing but just never knew the difference. This slideshow helped be get better background knowledge of the two and it helped me search for a question. Somethings I can put into is how dredit the source. After going through the slide show we had an assignment and we had to answer those types of questions. Being able to get a background on knowing how to credit a source the correct way helped me when I had to answer the question. I was able to look back at the slideshow and it helped. A tip I would give for you students is looking over how to credit the author/source. In college you have to do that on some papers and being able to see how to do it the correct way can be very helpful when typing a paper. So I would go back and look at that for future reference when you’re about to write a paper.