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After this module one thing, I found interesting is the emailing. Different professors like their email set up differently and how they want it. Sometimes it’s annoying but as I think about it it’s very helpful and neat. I like how it’s set up and how it tells you each thing to do. After going through the slide show (Slide 8), I actually had to email my professor so I set it up like that a little bit and it worked really well. I liked how I didn’t have to worry so much about what to add and making sure I add all the right information. After going through this module I want to say using your time wisely and making a calendar is very helpful. I would say that for students because I know how stressful it gets when you have a lot of work and an actual life on top of that. So being able to make an actual┬ácalendar and planning out your week/day is very useful. I myself tried to do it many times but I tend to struggle, but as time went on I got the hang of it and its one of the most useful things I do. Just being able to see your day and what your doing can really help. So I would say doing that is a very useful tool.

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