About Me


Hello! I’m Sylvia Cressman, a second year Eminence Fellow studying mechanical engineering here at The Ohio State University. I am originally from a little town in Northeast Ohio called North Canton, which is about two and a half hours away from what I now know as my second home: Ohio State. About double the size of my hometown, here at Ohio State I am excited to take advantage of the vast amount of opportunities!

Currently I am studying mechanical engineering and will be starting to pursue a computer science minor this upcoming year. I love to travel and this past summer was able to travel to Tanzania as part of the OSU solar engineering trip. As an avid traveler, I hope to be able to continue studying abroad in the future. This past summer I worked at Goodyear’s headquarters in Akron, Ohio as a global engineering intern on the innovation team. I worked in the process development center where I helped to design and advance the robots/technology behind the tire production. You can learn more about these experiences on my past projects page. Recently, I joined the smart materials and ultrasonic additive manufacturing research lab on campus where I work under Dr. Dapino to help develop and test new materials created using ultrasonic manufacturing. After graduating my goal is to work in my field pursuing all of my passions for engineering, entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability.

Outside of the classroom I am passionate about encouraging girls to pursue STEM. I have been a leader of women in engineering clubs since high school and am continuing my involvement at OSU through Society of Women in Engineering (SWE). As an organization, SWE allows me to meet, engage, and gain support from other women in engineering here on campus and in the community.  I am also involved on campus with Engineers for Community Service. This is an organization where we use our skills as engineering students to tackle issues in the local community. Right now within this organization I am involved with the Westminister project where we visit Westminster living community for the elderly and assist the residents with any tech issues they have. Since coming to college I have also gotten involved with hackathons and makeathons where I am able to take my tech ideas and bring them to life in a matter of 24 hours.  Outside of these engineering organizations you can also find me playing the violin in the community orchestra on campus!

When I am not in class or at an organization event, I enjoy hiking, practicing piano, taking cycling classes at the RPAC, skiing, playing board games, and traveling! Some little known facts about me are that I have visited 47 of the 50 states and I hold a patent on a shoe design!

I look forward to my time here at Ohio State and can’t wait to see what the future holds! O-H…