My First Week On Campus

My first week on campus and adjusting to classes was honestly very hard. I am a person who does not adapt to change very well so this huge change did not go over smoothly. I was not a huge fan of some of my classes and was comparing my life to everything back home. Even though “back home” is only 30 minutes away, it felt like it was 30 hours away. I did not have the people with me that usually calmed me down when I was overwhelmed and I did not have my own space to try to calm myself down. Ever since I was little, I have been grateful enough to have both my own room and my own bathroom. Coming to college and not only having to share my room with someone else, but no longer have my own bathroom was a huge struggle. I used my room as a place to go and escape everyone else in my life while I tried to figure everything out that was bothering me. Although I do love spending time with my roommate, it is tough coming “home” and not being able to be alone and cry when I need to or even just sit in silence. Another thing that has gotten to me is adjusting to a new dance environment. I have grown up in the same dance studio, working with the same teachers, friends, and students for many years. Coming into a new dance environment and having new teachers and classmates has been tough. I had frequently been in class thinking about what my life used to be like instead of focusing on what it is now. The first week of classes felt like forever and tears fell down my face at least 3 times a day. I had friends. I had a good roommate. I just was not happy.As the week went on, I realized that I had made amazing new friends who I could talk to and could help me through the rough transition. I confided in one friend specifically who was able to guide me through every thought that went through my head and was able to be that calming aspect when I needed it. She took me on little outings and made me feel loved and like I mattered and that helps me more than anything else in the world. Even though there are still some things I have to get used to, the tough first week has passed and I am eager to see where the rest of the semester and year go.