Technical Assistance

Training and Technical Assistance Overview

No-cost training and/or TA has been made available to Ohio LHDs that participated in the Ohio Local Public Health Accreditation Support project readiness assessment in the fall of 2016 and/or completed the reassessment in the winter of 2018. Requests were accepted on a rolling basis during open call periods (4 total). Requests were aligned with one of the following categories:

  • Category 1: Addressing PHAB prerequisite documentation requirements not currently met. (accredited and non-accredited agencies eligible)
  • Category 2: Supporting implementation of an LHD’s work plan toward achieving accreditation. (non-accredited agencies eligible)
  • Category 3: Completing accreditation readiness activities and strengthen the public health infrastructure. (accredited and non-accredited agencies eligible)

Four rounds of training and technical assistance have been provided to date. Information about the recipients and the type support granted can be found below.

Questions should be directed to Wally Burden (Deputy Director, Office of Public Health Policy and Planning) at the Ohio Department of Health: (614) 644-7619 or

Round 1: 57 Total LHDs reached

  • Auglaize County (3 additional collaborators): quality improvement training and technical assistance
  • Crawford County: strategic planning
  • Lake County (23 additional collaborators), Portsmouth City (10 additional collaborators), Adams County: performance management training and technical assistance
  • Seneca County (2 additional collaborators), Williams County (1 additional collaborator): workforce development technical assistance
  • Zanesville-Muskingum County (10 additional collaborators): strategic planning

To view final project reports for Round 1 click here.

Round 2: 54 Total LHDs reached

  • Butler County (2 additional collaborators): strategic planning technical assistance
  • Crawford County (2 additional collaborators): performance management technical assistance
  • Lake County (30 additional collaborators): Lean Ohio Bootcamp training
  • Mercer (2 additional collaborators): access to care technical assistance
  • Portsmouth City (11 additional collaborators): quality improvement training and technical assistance
  • Coshocton City/County: shared services feasibility study

To view final project reports for Round 2 click here.

Round 3: 7 Total LHDs reached

  • Logan County: data training and marketing & branding strategy technical assistance
  • Shelby City: performance management technical assistance
  • Ashland City/County, Fulton County, Greene County: strategic planning technical assistance
  • Madison County: Document review technical assistance. This request is being fulfilled through the Accreditation Learning Community and will open to additional agencies.

To view final project reports for Round 3 click here.

Round 4: 12 Total LHDs reached

  • Shelby City Health Department: marketing and branding strategy
  • Lake County General Health District: access to health care services
  • Allen County Combined Health District: strategic planning
  • Columbus Public Health, Delaware General Health District, Franklin County Public Health: quality improvement
  • Butler County Health Department: Performance Management
  • Mercer County Health District, Van Wert County Health Department, Auglaize County Health Department: community engagement
  • Cuyahoga County Board of Health: performance management
  • Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department: documentation submission

To view final project reports for Round 4 click here.