Accreditation Documentation Repository (old)

The information on this page is the product of a collaborative effort between the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and the Ohio Local Public Health Accreditation Support Project staff and advisory committee. Please note that the accreditation support project does not represent or speak on behalf of PHAB; these recommendations in no way guarantees or implies that information and documentation reviewed will be deemed as acceptable by PHAB during the actual accreditation process.

The repository listed  below highlights potential documentation options supplied by the ODH that could be used for local public health accreditation efforts. Information is organized via Domain/Standard/Measure/Required Documentation (D/S/M/RD) and page number within the PHAB Standards and Measures version 1.5. Following the RD description are the optional documents that are currently available for use by LHDs. Examples where no link is provided are individualized to each local health department and therefor no common link can be shared. Please contact Meredith Cameron at or 614-292-2047 with questions or concerns regarding the options provided.

Download the Accreditation Documentation Repository. (Last updated on March 3, 2020)

In addition to the documentation repository, the support project has supported  opportunities (training and learning communities) where example local health department documentation has been shared. At the request of practitioners across the state and with the approval of participating LHDs these example documents can be viewed via the link below.

Example Documentation