Project Reports

Accreditation Readiness Reports

This report is a multi-component assessment  conducted during October and November 2016 to provide LHDs with a profile of their public health service provision, accreditation readiness and financial information. This report is a composite summary of statewide results.

Ohio Comprehensive Accreditation Readiness Report (February 2017)

This report is a statewide summary of the re-assessment data, including comparisons with the 2016 assessment above. Analysis includes: description of survey respondents, statewide accreditation readiness summary and revenue and expenditures data.

Ohio Comprehensive Accreditation Readiness Reassessment Report (Revised December 2018)

Accreditation Readiness Snapshots (July 2018)

The data in these reports group agencies with similar characteristics together to identify where health departments with commonalities (population size served and county type) fall in regard to accreditation and associated activities. The groupings can be found in the appendix of the reassessment report above. Snapshot information includes: accreditation stage, accreditation readiness, and PHAB Standard completion rates for LHDs.

  1. Very Small, Small Urban Local Health Department
  2. Very Small, Small Suburban Local Health Department
  3. Very Small, Small, Rural Non-Appalachian Local Health Department
  4. Very Small, Small Appalachian Local Health Department
  5. Medium, Large, Urban Local Health Department
  6. Medium, Large, Suburban Local Health Department
  7. Medium, Large Rural Non-Appalachian Local Health Department
  8. Medium, Large, Appalachian Local Health Department
  9. Very Large, Urban Local Health Department

Ohio Profile and Performance and Database Reports

The readiness project was tasked with assessing the quality of the Ohio Health Department Profile and Performance Database (OPPD) and making recommendations to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) on potential improvements to the system and alignment with assessment data. This report lists potential improvements that could be made to expand both the usefulness and the usability of the OPPD system highlighting the assessment process and recommendations suggested by CPHP.

Assessment and Recommendations for the Ohio Health Department Profile and Performance Database (OPPD) (July 2017)

Work Plan Summaries

As part of the readiness project, CPHP developed and disseminated an accreditation work plan template to all Ohio LHDs. The template includes the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) pre-requisite documents required for PHAB accreditation as well as key steps in the process of preparing and applying for accreditation. This report summarizes the findings from the first work plan submissions in May of 2017.

April 2017 Work Plan Report Summary (May 2017)

October 2017 Work Plan Report Summary (January 2018)

April 2018 Work Plan Report Summary (May 2018).

Accreditation Support Project Final Report

At the conclusion of the Ohio Local Public Health Accreditation Support Project, CPHP conducted an evaluation of their services and developed this final report.

Final Report (June 2020)

Final Report – Infographic (June 2020)