Training Opportunities

A variety of no-cost training opportunities are available through this project. Ohio agencies who complete the Local Health Department Profile and Accreditation Readiness Assessment in the fall of 2016 and/or winter of 2018 are eligible to participate.

Current Offerings

Introduction to Workforce Development Planning for PHAB Accreditation

This on-line self-study course is made up of seven modules to assist local health department staff to prepare for the Domain 8 requirements for PHAB accreditation, with a focus on the development and implementation of a workforce development plan.

The 7 modules that make up the course are:

1. Introduction to Domain 8
2. Getting Started: Top Ten Tips for Planning
3. Get to Know the Workforce Development Plan
4. Setting a Vision for Workforce Development
5. Training Needs: Data Gathering
6. Training Needs: Curriculum Creating
7. Implementing Your Workforce Development Plan

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Past Offerings