Prerequisite Document Review FAQs

What documents are eligible for review?

The project will be accepting reviews of Community Health Assessments, Community Health Improvement Plans, Strategic Plans, Quality Improvement Plans and Workforce Development Plans. We will be accepting document submissions following the timeline below. Email announcements will be sent to all health commissioners and accreditation coordinators indicating when a review period has begun.

Document Submission Dates
Community Health Assessment (CHA), Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), and Strategic Plan August 2017 through December 31, 2018
Workforce Development Plan October 16, 2017 through December 31, 2018
Quality Improvement Plan October 16, 2017 through December 31, 2018

What is the benefit of having my documents reviewed?

The document review process utilizes a checklist consisting of required elements within selected PHAB prerequisite documents. While not a quality check, this review is helpful to determine whether required elements are missing or unable to be easily located.

Who is reviewing my documents?

Reviewers are Center for Public Health Practice (CPHP) staff and contracted consultants who are themselves PHAB site reviewers and/or have documented expertise within a specific prerequisite area. All reviewers are trained, via the CPHP, in the use of the review checklists and the document review process. The CPHP conducts reliability checks on documents in order to insure all reviews are completed in a consistent manner.

Can I speak to the individual who reviewed my document?

No local health department will be provided with reviewer information. Communication regarding a review or the review process should be directed to the CPHP via the

Do I need to upload my documents to the Ohio Health Department Profile and Performance Database (OPPD)?

The Ohio Department of Health requests that you upload the most current versions of your prerequisite documents to the OPPD. However, this does not impact your document review with the accreditation support project. In order to have your documents reviewed you must send the document, via email, to