Prerequisite Document Reviews

The Accreditation Readiness Project is currently conducting document reviews for select prerequisite documents for those local health departments who completed the Accreditation Readiness Re-assessment in the winter of 2018. The intention of these reviews is to provide feedback on the accessibility of specific elements within select PHAB prerequisite documents. The review protocol dictates that quality and content are not assessed; reviewers are to simply indicate whether a PHAB required element is located within the documentation.

Currently the CPHP is accepting submission of the following prerequisite documents:

  1. Community Health Assessments (CHA)
  2. Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIP)
  3. Strategic Plans
  4. Workforce Development Plans
  5. Quality Improvement Plans

If you are interested in having a document reviewed please send an electronic copy to Your document will be reviewed via a standardized check list and the results will be returned to you via email within 45 calendar days.

For additional information see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) regarding document reviews.

Please note that CPHP does not represent or speak on behalf of the PHAB; this review in no way guarantees or implies that information and documentation reviewed will be deemed as acceptable by PHAB during the actual accreditation process.