Reconsidering Violence as a Public Health Issue


Kenneth J. Steinman, PhD, MPH, Senior Research Scientist, The Ohio State University College of Education & Human Ecology

Course Description:

As a leading cause of injury and death, violence assumes a wide range of forms: from child maltreatment and elder abuse to teen homicide and dating violence. This course will introduce a framework for understanding the common dimensions of these diverse problems and the considering their connections to one other as well as to other public health concerns. Using examples generated by course participants, we will explore the factors that influence violence from the perspective of victims, perpetrators and bystanders. We will also review often disparate approaches to prevention and intervention and the challenges of developing a compelling evidence-base. With a particular focus on Ohio, we will review available data sources to describe the scope and consequences of different types of violence. The format for the course will include a mix of lectures and guest speakers, small group activities and hands-on training with online databases.