Epidemiology of Maternal and Infant Health for State and Local Practitioners


Elizabeth J. Conrey, PhD, RD, Senior Maternal and Child Health Epidemiologist at CDC Assigned to the Ohio Department of Health

Michelle Menegay, MPH, Research Analytics Consultant at the Ohio Colleges Government Resource Center

Course Description:

The health of mothers and children is critical to population health. This course will introduce practitioners to data and data systems for monitoring and investigating maternal and infant health; common maternal and infant health indicators; techniques for investigating contributors to poor birth outcomes, including a brief introduction to perinatal periods of risk (PPOR); an overview of health equity, social determinants of health and the life course model; tips for developing an analysis plan for your community; the state Title V Maternal and Child health program and needs assessment; and translation of data to practice, including identifying evidence-based interventions to improve health. The course format will include lectures and guest speakers, as well as exercises with publicly available data.