Advanced Applied Qualitative Health Research


Jennifer Hebert-Beirne, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Community Health Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health

Course Description:

This course provides advance instruction in data cleaning and preparation for analysis, and analytic steps involved in qualitative data analysis. Attention will be paid to identification of the appropriate theoretical lens to guide the data analysis, as well as selecting the analytic approach to the analysis. Several coding and memoing approaches will be introduced. Using Dedoose qualitative data analysis software students will have hands on experience to engage in all the steps of data analysis moving from coding to interpretation and meaning making. Students will explore unique issues of reliability, validity and trustworthiness in qualitative research including the importance of member checking and attention to one’s positionality. Tips for dissemination and knowledge translation of findings will also be covered including tips for writing and presenting qualitative findings.

Prerequisite: Applied Qualitative Health Research