Summer Program – Participant Spotlight

Our Summer Program Participant Spotlight series shines a light on past Summer Program participants while discussing how course material translates into real-world practice.

We sat down with past Summer Program participant Arielle Hieronimus to learn about her experience with the Center’s Summer Program in Population Health.

A little bit about Arielle…

Like most public health professionals- I have worn many hats in public health! I have worked as a researcher, community health specialist, epidemiologist, and public health consultant.

My primary interest is environmental epidemiology. I have had wonderful opportunities to fine-tune my expertise in health technologies and epidemiological investigations. Science, GIS and data visualization are my love languages. Most recently I have been blessed to help with public health workforce development across the state of Ohio. Outside of public health, I enjoy quality time with my family, going to the beach, and trying adventurous foods.

Which courses did you participate in?

I had the opportunity to attend CPHP Summer Program twice. The two classes I attended were; Applied Qualitative Research Methods with Dr. Jenu Hebert-Berine and Translational Data with Dr. Ayaz Hyder.

What were some highlights from the courses?

The courses were incredibly practical. We were provided with step by step methods in qualitative research as well as resources to continue developing your knowledge and skills. The translational data course walked through how to use your data to tell a story and different programs to analyze your data.

How have the courses impacted your work?

Coming from a very quantitative background, the qualitative methods course allowed me to expand how I collect data to include qualitative types of data- which are very important when it comes to many public health issues. The translational data course expanded my horizon of what was possible with data. It also introduced me to new analysis tools in R which have been a game- changer for my work.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about participating in the Summer Program?

This is the BEST way to expand your public health education as a public health professional. It gives you a personal touch where you can interact with other professionals and ask questions to you professor. The College of Public Health, Center for Public Health Practice Summer Program goes beyond your typical continuing education opportunities of webinars and conferences.


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