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Measuring Artists’ Challenges and Resilience after COVID-19

Global Arts + Humanities Discovery Theme SNAAP - Strategic National Arts Alumni Project

This research project explores COVID-19-related impacts on employment, creative practices, and resilience among artists. This broadens understanding of COVID-19 impacts on the arts. Findings will be used to develop COVID-19-related survey questions to be included on the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project survey in spring of 2022. This final survey will be administered to arts alumni around the country.

The study seeks arts alumni, whether currently working in the arts or not, as research participants to be part of qualitative interviews to discuss the impact of COVID-19. Questions will be focused on individuals’ creative practice, employment, and day to day activities.

Participant Eligibility: Individuals living anywhere in United States during the COVID-19 pandemic, who received an undergraduate degree or graduate degree in the arts are invited to be interviewed. We define “the arts” and “arts alumni” broadly, to include the following fields: performance, design, architecture, creative writing, film, media arts, illustration and fine art.
Duration: Approximately 60 minutes
Location: Online Zoom video conferencing
Benefits: Participants will contribute to national research efforts on the state and well-being of artists and the creative sector in America. Participants will not receive financial or other tangible compensation for participation in this research study.

This project is not currently accepting participants.

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