The Phelps-Coss Lab is a cancer focused multi-disciplinary research laboratory.  Our goals are to perform impactful research in the areas of cancer biology, drug development and cancer pharmacology while equipping trainees to be competitive for diverse research careers in the pharmaceutical sciences.

The Phelps Lab studies the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) relationships of wide ranging anti-cancer therapies.  We use quantitative bioanalyses, drug transport studies and non-linear mixed effects modelling to better understand interpatient variability in drug disposition and how it relates to drug response.

The Coss Lab has an endocrine cancer focus with active research programs in cancer cachexia, liver cancer and pre-cancerous liver diseases.  We study novel endocrine disease mechanisms as well as novel endocrine therapeutics with wide ranging computational, in vitro and in vivo techniques.