Dream Collage Drawing

Here is my sketched version of my dream drawing. It was a lot of fun to transition it to black and white, though I didn’t have the time I needed to get some of the more midtone values correct. Overall I think it turned out well though.

Collage Part 1

This is my dream collage assembled from cut up magazines. The whole picture is a bit lucid and ill defined, but that is largely the point. I vaguely remember a dream about a volcano in a desert with a portal in front of it, this is a recreation of that.

Reflection + Revision.

Overall I am of medium satisfaction with my drawing project. The biggest difficulty that I had was working with Ink in particular, as controlling the values became very difficult at times. Some of the objects are hard to recognize as a result. The use of different mark making techniques definitely was an aid in that department. My biggest risk in this project was definitely adding the suitcase, and for the most part I think it turned out recognizable, and added a significant amount to the piece.

During the critique, some helpful items of feedback that I received were:
-Improve clarity of several objects
-add some sort of ground to balance the view
-provide some sort of context/setting, extend the background

If I were to do this project again, I would focus more on other mark making techniques (such as stippling) and find ways to make the background interesting, and add to the perspective of the main piece. I’d also adjust the composition of a couple of my items.

This is the revised version of my ink drawing from last week. I attempted to retain some of the unique mark making from the original, while including the setting of an airport into the image, and making things overall clearer. The drawing was done in pen.

Project 1

Here is my first project for this class. I had a lot of fun using the different brush types and different levels of water with the ink. I have several things I would do differently if I did it again, but I think it got the overall feel I was going for.

Week 5: Mark Making

Here are the drawings I did for this week. I collected random objects (yes including a granola bar) and tested them out. Here are the tools.

This first drawing was done with a folding piece of paper.

The second drawing was done with a stick I found in my backyard. I spilled ink on my carpet doing this one 🙁

This drawing was done with a granola bar 🙂

This drawing was done with a leaf. It’s my favorite one.

This drawing was done with a cue tip.

Subjective and Objective Lines

This is my “Still Life Portrait” Objective Drawing, trying to use consistent line width and weight throughout.

This is my “Still Life Portrait” Subjective Drawing, where I allowed myself to use a varying line width and weight. I do feel this one did not turn out as well, and I need to work on using Subjective Lines effectively.

9-2-20 “Self Portrait” Still Life and Contour Drawing

Good morning, here is my post for class this week. I assembled a 5 object “self portrait” still life and did a blind contour drawing of it. I didn’t realize how smudged up my 3ds screen was until I took a picture of it.

Front Portrait of “self portrait” still life”

Back picture of “self portrait” still life

my first blind contour of my “self portrait” still life