Year in Review

Wow! Can you believe freshman year is really over? It seems like I was just pulling up to Haverfield and walking into 308 to meet three girls who have become family to me. This year has been a whirlwind of exciting times and throughout all of it I have learned more and more about myself. So many opportunities have been opened up to me at OSU this year that I honestly didn’t have time for them all. I was able to explore the community with my scholars group, visit Chicago for the first time, partner with Habitat for Humanity and Servitecture in Tennessee and join Zeta Tau Alpha, the newest sorority on campus. Throughout each of these exciting experiences I have found a little piece of myself and I am transforming into the woman I aspire to be. Managing a part-time job, full-time classes, being in a sorority, spending time with friends and still finding time to sleep has been a challenge but I have high hopes that it has prepared me for the long nights in studio that lie ahead.

Overall, I’m proud of all I have accomplished this year at The Ohio State University and I cannot wait to see what else comes my way.

Until then,



imageTo most this is just a screenshot of a text message; but, to me this picture holds so much more. This documents the process that I went through to become a founding sister in the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha. It shows the first, second and final invitation that led me to becoming a sister. So far Zeta has opened up so many doors for me and it has only been one semester. I cannot wait to see what other doors are opened up to me from Zeta.

Until then,

Bri 💞

Why Scholars?

Choosing the Architecture, Landscape Architecture and City Regional Planning Scholars was actually very easy for me. After looking through the scholars options this group immediately caught my attention and I knew this was something I wanted to be apart of. Being a part of this scholars group so far has already benefited me in many ways. We have visited an architecture firm, talked to a design group who are redoing parts of campus and High Street, we have visited construction sites on North campus and we have had multiple guest speakers. This class opens up opportunities and exemplifies success in the field. Without this class or this group, I would not know much more about architecture than what I learn in my classes. I enjoy my scholars group and all that it has to offer. Choose Arch, Larch, and CRP Scholars was the best decision I could have made!


Halfway There!

10858414_746200852127680_7565755489327884465_n (2)

As the semester rolls on and we approach the last few weeks I’ve realized how much I have already grown. My studio class has shown me the potential I have and how much stress I can handle. I have learned a lot about how much effort I need to put into my studies in order to pull off good grade on tests and papers. I’ve also learned from failure and I realize that I am going to learn this way a lot throughout the rest of my college career and life. After getting a B+ in my math course, I realize now that if I would have put in more effort I could have earned an A. Little things like that are what teach the biggest and most important lessons to me. Now I know that a little hard work goes a long way! Other than that I am keeping myself busy with my studies and Scholars activities, as well as Servitecture. This semester is flying by and I cannot wait to see what the rest has in store!

– Bri


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About Me

Hi! My name is Brianna Corcino. I was born and raised in Lorain, Ohio, which is just a half hour away from Cleveland. Lorain, often referred to as “The Melting Pot” is known for being a town rich with diversity. I graduated from Clearview High School which is also known to be diverse. Traveling to Columbus this fall, I plan to major in Architecture and minor in Business. After opting out of nine classes due to my PSEO courses transferring, I have plenty of time to complete a minor and take elective courses to better myself, and to have a little fun. Graduating high school third in my class and with an honors diploma, I have high expectation for myself when it comes to my academics. I’m hoping this year will be both beneficial and successful to my future!