Online Teaching Resources

First things first: Don’t Panic

Many of you have already been building these skills with flipped learning, and your adoption of Echo360 has been very successful. This new challenge expands that space a bit more by extending to include the application phase you’ve been doing in class.

This may feel like a very rough jump from in-class to online. It will not be perfect because we are doing it quickly and it hasn’t been conceived with online in mind. No, online learning is not as simple as recording a few lectures to have your students watch and then complete some online multiple choice quizzes. But remember that your online learning doesn’t have to be as polished as a fully online course.

Here are some very bare bones basics to get you started.

You can use the university’s resources for information on teaching and learning, and technology and here in the COP, you have even more options available to you (detailed in the links below.) As time passes, all of these resources will grow and change, if you need something, keep checking back and let us know you’re looking for something specific at

Links to University Resources

Keep Teaching – – resources for instructors

Assessments – planning considerations for assessments

Keep Learning – – resources for students

ODEE Resource Center – resources for educational technology

Links to Targeted COP Resources

Contact the OEIS Team – Contact Information for individual members of our team

Tutorials for Echo360 – Installations and basic functionality

Tutorials for CarmenZoom – How to record and share

Support resources – CarmenCanvas, CarmenZoom, Echo360, and Top Hat

Using the right online tool for the right activity – a handy matrix

Helpful articles