How to Record a Lecture for the IP or CIPC Sequences

How to record a lecture if you are COP faculty: Use Echo360

Echo360 is the platform of choice for lectures in the COP due to it’s ease of editing, its auto-captioning capabilities and its pedagogical flexibility. The following directions will guide you through recording a lecture on Echo360.

If you need to have Echo360 installed please see the information here – Echo360 Installation Information

How to record a lecture on your own device: Using Lecture Capture: Personal – Quick Start -PDF

How to share a video you have stored in your own library: Sharing a Video from My Content to a Course -PDF

How to record a lecture if you are not COP faculty: Use Zoom

If you are a visiting instructor or have your appointment at the Wexner Medical Center or elsewhere on campus, you may need to use CarmenZoom to record your lecture. In order to access CarmenZoom, you will need to use your Name.# (If you are external to OSU and do not have access to Zoom, please email The following directions will walk you through the process of recording using CarmenZoom:

Recording with Zoom for Outside Lecturers – for best results, always Record to the Cloud

After you have recorded, you will need to transfer the video (.mp4 file) to OEIS for transcription and posting. Following are directions on how to do that.

How to Transfer a Zoom Recording to the OEIS Team for Posting

1. Download the File from CarmenZoom

      • After you finish recording, it will take some time for the video to process. You will receive an email to let you know that your recording is ready.
      • Open – and sign in using your Name.#
      • From the left hand side, choose Recordings
      • Find the recording you want to share
      • Click the More button to the right of the recording title
      • Choose Download (it will tell you there are several files; go ahead and download them)
      • Once you have downloaded your files, find the one marked .mp4
      • Change the name of that file to identify your course number, your last name and a brief title of your lecture
        • ex. PHR7601_Pruchnicki_CVD1

2. Drop off the File for OEIS

Please Note: We can only accept .mp4 files – .mov files will not work