A/V Recording Resources

OEIS offers full-service educational video and learning object production, as well as several options for self-service audio and video production. Below are the resources available with a short description of each and how to access them.  If you aren’t sure what your best option would be, the instructional design team is happy to help you make decisions, produce content and even train you to use the self-service options. Please contact us at cop-design@osu.edu to schedule a consultation.


Our current leacture capture software, TechSmith Relay, is going away at the end of December 2019 and Echo360 is being brought in to take its place. Echo360 is not just for lecture captures, though. This powerful suite of tools allows for editing, automatic transcription for increased accessibility, and student feedback and assessment tools. Click here to find out more about Echo360 at the College of Pharmacy.

Denney Hall One Button Studio

Armed with a flash drive, you can create polished video content in a real studio situation with just the push of a button. If you are looking for a more professional quality recording, this is a great option. Appointments are necessary to use the studio, so this may not be the best choice for a last-minute recording. OEIS is happy to facilitate setting up an appointment, accompany you to the studio, and help with recording and editing. Check the Digital Union’s website for more details.

Use for:

  • Video recordings – long and short
  • Studio-style Interviews
  • Lectures that would benefit from light-board drawings


  • University-level resource
  • By appointment only – Call the Digital Union at 614-292-3654

College of Pharmacy Video Services

OEIS can provide full-service video production for educational videos such as demonstrations, facility tours, interviews, topic or course introductions. If you are not sure about what you need to use to create your project, please come talk to us. We are happy to help identify your project needs. We request 4-weeks lead time (ahead of your project due date) to yield top quality results. Contact cop-design@osu.edu to schedule a consultation.

Use for:

  • Educational Videos – long and short, onsite and off-site


  • College of Pharmacy resource
  • By appointment (4-week lead time to project due date)

Mediasite Desktop Recorder

Ask IT to download the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) to your computer or Surface tablet to create visual media on your schedule. MDR is great for small projects and short video presentations. Within the Mediasite editing tool, it is also possible to add in questions to your presentation to facilitate active learning outside the classroom. OEIS is happy to help you learn to use MDR and the Mediasite editing tools to create content for your course. Please contact cop-design@osu.edu to schedule a consultation or training.

Use for:

  • Video recordings – short is best
  • Videos with built-in quizzes
  • Slideshow with video
  • Screencasts
  • Audio recording – in a pinch (the sound quality is not great)


  • Personal resource, installed by COP IT Department
  • Use anytime

Parks Hall Studio

The Parks Hall Studio is a great option for audio recording, screencast and slideshow presentation recordings, and short video recordings. The mostly sound-proof room cuts down on echo that can distort audio recordings and makes it easier for students to hear and understand what you are saying. This room is used heavily for creating voice-overs for Captivate and Articulate presentations. Captivate and Articulate are applications that the Instructional Design team uses to develop slideshows with voiceovers as well as interactive learning objects. The Parks Hall Studio is available by appointment only. Please fill out this form (go.osu.edu/COP-Recordings) to schedule your time block. We typically suggest 2-hour recording blocks for a 1-hour lecture and we request a two week lead time from recording to completion of your project (3 weeks if the project needs to be captioned.)


  • Captivate presentations (in partnership with OEIS)
  • Audio recordings
  • Video, Screencasts and Slideshows (in partnership with Mediasite Desktop Recorder)


  • College of Pharmacy resource
  • By appointment only

Portable Digital Recorders

Portable Digital Recorders are available to borrow from OEIS to facilitate audio recordings for Captivate presentations. Contact cop-design@osu.edu to check one out for your project.


  • Audio recording for Captivate presentations
  • Audio for podcasts


  • College of Pharmacy resource
  • Check-out through OEIS
  • Use in your space, on your time