Key Success Factors for Emerging Cooperatives

Chris Bruynis, researcher and contributing author of “Key Success Factors for Emerging Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives,” identified why some co-ops succeed and others fail. His study of 52 Agricultural Cooperatives identified shared factors for success. Success was defined by independent variables: longevity, member business growth, profitability, and member satisfaction.

Notable findings from the research included:

  • Member business growth increased 39% when the co-op has sufficient business volume. Cooperatives with sufficient business volume had members that were 38% more satisfied.
  • Management training made a co-op 41% more likely to grow.
  • Co-ops with sufficient equity were 36% more likely to be profitable.


Dr. Chris Bruynis discusses the cooperative movement going forward.

*View Cooperative Movement in Ohio Video Transcript


Bruynis, C., P.D. Goldsmith, D.E. Hahn, and W. J. Taylor. “Critical Success Factors for Emerging Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives.” Journal of Cooperation. (Vol.16. 2001: 14-24).