Key Success Factors for Emerging Cooperatives

Chris Bruynis, researcher and contributing author of “Key Success Factors for Emerging Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives,” identified why some co-ops succeed and others fail. His study of 52 Agricultural Cooperatives identified shared factors for success. Success was defined by independent variables: longevity, member business growth, profitability, and member satisfaction.

Notable findings from the research included:

  • Member business growth increased 39% when the co-op has sufficient business volume. Cooperatives with sufficient business volume had members that were 38% more satisfied.
  • Management training made a co-op 41% more likely to grow.
  • Co-ops with sufficient equity were 36% more likely to be profitable.


Dr. Chris Bruynis discusses the cooperative movement going forward.


Bruynis, C., P.D. Goldsmith, D.E. Hahn, and W. J. Taylor. “Critical Success Factors for Emerging Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives.” Journal of Cooperation. (Vol.16. 2001: 14-24).