Cooperative Models

Multi-stakeholder Models 

PDF Publications

Solidarity as a Business Model: A Multi-Stakeholder Cooperatives ManualKent State University Cooperative Development Center


New Generation Co-ops

PDF Publications

Understanding New Cooperative Models: An Ownership-Control Rights Typology, Fabio Chaddad and Michael Cook
The Impact of New Generation Cooperatives on Their Communities, USDA, RBS Research Report, No. 177
New Generation Cooperatives and the Capper-Volstead Act: Playing a New Game by the Old Rules, Shannon Ferrell
“New Generation” Farmer Cooperatives: The Problem of the “Just Investing” Farmer, Christopher Kelley
New Generation Cooperatives and Cooperative Theory, Andrea Harris, Brenda Stefanson, and Murray Fulton
The Limited Liability Company Versus the New Generation Cooperative: Alternative Business Forms for Rural Economic Development, Roger Brown and Christopher Merrett

Worker-owned Co-ops

PDF Publications

Legal Guide to Cooperative Conversions: A Business Owner’s Legal Guide to Cooperative Conversion Including Conversion Models, Case Studies and Sample Documents, Jannell Orsi, William Lisa, and Sushil Jacob
Think Outside the Boss: How to Create a Worker Owned Business, Sustainable Economies Law Center
A brief, visual guide to understanding Employee Ownership StructuresCamille Kerr
Case Studies Business Conversions to Worker Cooperatives: Insights and Readiness Factors for Owners and EmployeesProject Equity


Example Bylaws, Casa Nueva, Athens, Ohio
Example Operating Rules, Casa Nueva, Athens, Ohio



Cooperative Home Care Associates (Portraits of the Solidarity Economy)
What is a Workers’ Co-operative? Local Market Co-op
Own the Change: Building Economic Democracy One Worker Co-op at a Time
A Co-op Story: Beyond Care Childcare CooperativeThe Laura Flanders Show
Damayan Cleaning Cooperative: Helping One Another|Labor Trafficking Survivors Open Co-opThe Laura Flanders Show
A Co-op Story: People’s Construction in RockawayThe Laura Flanders Show