About the CFAES Center for Cooperatives

The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Center for Cooperatives’s mission is to support the dissemination of research-backed knowledge though teaching, research, and technical assistance.

Teaching. The Center for Cooperatives supports undergraduate, graduate, and adult learning through a variety of educational components, including:

  • Cooperative education to students of the Ohio State University and OSU Agricultural Technical Institute (ATI)
  • Educational resources and tools for cooperative businesses and students of cooperatives
  • Board of director training and member education to new and existing cooperative businesses
  • Educational seminars and teaching on cooperative topics at workshops and conferences across the region and nationwide
  • Distance education opportunities and online technical assistance

Research. The Center for Cooperatives produces and shares quality academic research on the cooperative business model and the state of cooperatives. The Center,

  • Carries out research that contributes to cooperative scholarship with a special focus on agricultural co-ops
  • Facilitates applied research for the benefit of cooperative stakeholders
  • Disseminates research outcomes in publications, presentations, and online, and
  • Creates opportunities for students to gain experience in academic research and the cooperative model

Extension. The Center for Cooperatives supports the dissemination of research-based knowledge through technical assistance, teaching, and applied research to support the decision-making of cooperative stakeholders. The Center,

  • Develops meaningful connections with organizations that support cooperative businesses and linksĀ co-op stakeholders to these organizations to help them achieve their business goals
  • Provides outreach to students to engage youth in cooperative activities
  • Provides practical programming that inspires growth and engages co-op members and employees in the business
  • Assists new and emerging cooperatives with business, marketing, and financial planning, and
  • Provides ongoing technical assistance to facilitate the success of cooperative businesses over the long-term