About Me


I am a second-year here at Ohio State. I am a Health Sciences Major with a double minor in Biology and French. I am also in the pre-medicine track. My professional goal is to go to medical school and eventually become a doctor. I grew up in Grove City, Ohio which is a suburb of Columbus. Ohio State is the school I have wanted to go to since I was little and I am so glad I have been given this opportunity. I chose to join the International Affairs Scholars program because I love learning about the rest of the world and experiencing new things. An experience I had that influenced my decision to choose International Affairs was when I traveled to France and Spain. I was able to experience cultures different from my own and explore cities filled with history. This inspired me to return to Europe, particularly France, which is what I will be doing next summer for study abroad. The picture above was taken in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities!


Year in Review

My second year at Ohio State passed by so quickly. I can’t believe that I’ll be a third year going into fall semester. A lot has changed throughout the year and a lot has stayed the same. My academics have played a big role in my second year. After a not so great first year, I know that I needed to focus and improve my grades especially with challenging classes like organic chemistry. My classes for this year consisted of pre-med requirements, major requirements, and finishing up minor classes. With a lot of hard work and studying, my GPA improved. I’m proud of my academic work this semester.

This was my second and last year in the International Affairs Scholar program. I have enjoyed my time with IA, but I am glad to move on and focus on other things. I also participated in the Second-year Transformational Experience Program otherwise known as STEP. I just submitted my proposal a few weeks ago for my project, a study abroad program in Paris, France. STEP has made this project possible and I am very thankful for this. A new change this year was my first job. I started working at the front desk of my dorm in October. I have overall enjoyed this change and the new communication skills and responsibility that came along with it. I continued volunteering at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center during this school year. I volunteered as an ambassador who would escort visitors and patients around the medical center. I appreciate an opportunity like this where I can learn more about the medical center.

Looking forward to this summer and next year, I am very excited about what will come next. At the end of May, I will leave to spend six week living and studying in Paris, France. This is such an amazing opportunity to not only finish my French minor, but to learn more about a language and country that I’m interested in. In the autumn, I am able to take some major classes which I am really looking forward to, along with finishing up pre-med requirements. I am excited for what the rest of my college career holds for me.


Global Awareness: My current and future coursework have impacted my global perspective. Since I am a French minor, I have taken a French course every semester that I have been here at OSU. These classes have not only helped my language skills but they have also allowed me to look at the world from different perspectives. I am also planning on studying abroad this summer for six weeks in Paris, France. I am excited for this trip and the new experiences that come with living in another country.

Original Inquiry: This is the section of G.O.A.L.S. that I plan on working towards the most during the rest of my undergraduate career. I am currently a research assistant in the School of Communication’s Narrative Lab. This opportunity has and will continue to give me experience on how research is conducted. Going forward, I would like to continue working on different research projects at Ohio State and I would like to be involved in something more related to my future career field.

Academic Enrichment: I choose my major and minors because I knew that their curriculum would be challenging, but rewarding. My Health Sciences major will help me learn more about the healthcare world, which is important for my future in the medical field. My two minors in French and Biology allow me to expand my coursework into other fields that I wouldn’t get with just my major or GE courses.

Leadership Development: I am involved in several organizations on campus. I participate in the STEP program which contributes to my professional development. For the program, we have to write a proposal. This will give me experience for writing proposals in my future career. I also work at the front desk of my residence hall. My job gives my some leadership experience because we commonly work by ourselves during the day when there are many tasks to get done. I want to continue to build on my leadership skills while at Ohio State.

Service Engagement: Community service is very important to me and it is something that I have been participating in throughout high school and college. I am currently in a service club called MEDLIFE that has a lot of volunteer opportunities helping lower income families. I also volunteer at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center once a week. I continue to volunteer in my community and beyond throughout my undergraduate career.



  • Office Assistant for Residence Life since October 2015
  • Research Assistant in the School of Communication’s Narrative Lab
  • Volunteer at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center


  • Second-year Transformational Experience Program (STEP)
  • International Affairs Scholars Program
  • MEDLIFE – service club

Strengths Profile Results:

  1. Judgement: thinks everything through, evenly and fairly
  2. Prudence: makes careful choices; doesn’t take unnecessary risks
  3. Love: values close relationships
  4. Love of Learning: masters new topics and skills; curiosity of new subject s
  5. Honesty: speaks the truth; presents oneself in a genuine way



This is a picture of a book I had to read for my French Studies class during Autumn semester. The book is a graphic novel that tells the first-hand story of Marjane Satrapi and her life growing up in Iran. Marjane discusses her feelings and experiences during and after the Islamic revolution, including her experiences with violence and female repression. I choose this book as one of my artifacts because I think it is a powerful novel that shows cultural and religious differences. I enjoyed reading Persepolis and learning about Marjane Satrapi’s life. A particular moment that stood out to me was when we watched an interview of her in class. In the interview she stated that when she arrived in Paris, her current home, the smell of the metro smelled like freedom. Marjane’s dynamic story was not one I could relate too, I did not grow up during a violent revolution nor did I leave my country at a young age to live alone, but I felt that after reading Persepolis I had a better understanding of the world outside of the United States and particularly how outsiders view the Western world.


The picture above is of my Anatomy textbook for Autumn 2015. I chose this as one of my artifacts because while this class challenged me, it also reminded me of why I want to go to medical school. I love learning about anatomy and this class reminded me of that. I took my first anatomy class my senior year of high school and I immediately loved it. It is one of the reasons that I decided to go into the healthcare field and this class gave me that same feeling again.

English 2261 Writing Project

Above is a  link to my final paper for my English 2261 class. I took this class for the GE credit but I did enjoying the readings and discussions that we did in class. I chose this as one of my artifacts because I believe that this class helped my writing a lot. We had several writing projects throughout the semester and then one final project at the end. These writings particularly helped me develop arguments in my writings. This class also helped with my critical reading skills since we read several novels and short stories over a short period of time. I learned a lot from this class.


This is a picture of my volunteer uniform for the OSU Wexner Medical Center. I began volunteering last summer and continued for both autumn and spring semester. I really enjoy volunteering at the OSUWMC. It gives me an opportunity to experience a hospital setting first hand and interact with patients and visitors. I plan on continuing to volunteer for the rest of my college career.


Above is my organic chemistry textbook that I used for the past year. This book represents a lot of hard work during this school year. I didn’t enjoy organic chemistry, but I had to take it as a pre-medical requirement. Even though I didn’t want to take the class, I worked hard to pass the class and spent many hours studying this book. Organic chemistry was definitely a challenge but I got through it.

STEP Proposal

This is a link to the proposal for my STEP project. I worked all of this year at on this project as part of the STEP program here at Ohio State. My project is a study abroad program in Paris, France. I will be spending six weeks studying at a local university while living with a host family. I am thankful for the STEP program for the experiences I had during the year and the funds that make studying abroad more possible.