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I have learned many useful things in this weeks lecture. But, the most important thing I have learned throughout this week from Module 5 lecture is how to more effectively use my notes to support my learning. My notes are usually very unorganized and messy. I never had an actual effective approach to listening and note taking. I lacked principles when taking and studying that has held me back unknowingly. Going forward I’m going to use some of the strategies from one of this weeks video and lecture. I used to take notes on my laptop but I believe that if I write my notes in a notebook it my help with memorization and comprehension of the information given to me. I think this a better suite for me because I have noticed that I type notes in my laptop and can not remember anything I just typed after and I’m all done. This should help me with processing my information at a deep rather than a shallow depth. This has been a huge probably for me. Another strategy I have picked up on is making sure my notes provide a key summary of everything I have just learned. This will help me when exams and quizzes arise.

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