Most Useful 7/5/2020

I learned two useful things in this weeks module. The first useful thing I learned is the importance of Memorization in learning. This made me think about all times I read chapters of a book for a classes and could not remember important information after the reading session. Or when I would go over information that would be on an upcoming test. I noticed I was not doing the right things to optimize the amount of information I was consuming. Most of the time this stemmed from me rushing through course material in study session or reading session. Overall, this was minimizing the effectiveness of studying and learning entirely. This module brought a perfect technique up that is used incorrectly in some instances which is the technique of highlighting and not settling with just that. I never highlighted that much because I never understood the benefits of it and thought it was a waste of time. After watching the video on Slide 7 of Module 4 I became aware that this can help with remembering the specific information I believe is important. The rest of the video talked about multiple other ways to help, for example, optimizing learning recaps, achieving deep processing, and the danger of overlearning.

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