Most Useful 7/5/2020

I learned two useful things in this weeks module. The first useful thing I learned is the importance of Memorization in learning. This made me think about all times I read chapters of a book for a classes and could not remember important information after the reading session. Or when I would go over information that would be on an upcoming test. I noticed I was not doing the right things to optimize the amount of information I was consuming. Most of the time this stemmed from me rushing through course material in study session or reading session. Overall, this was minimizing the effectiveness of studying and learning entirely. This module brought a perfect technique up that is used incorrectly in some instances which is the technique of highlighting and not settling with just that. I never highlighted that much because I never understood the benefits of it and thought it was a waste of time. After watching the video on Slide 7 of Module 4 I became aware that this can help with remembering the specific information I believe is important. The rest of the video talked about multiple other ways to help, for example, optimizing learning recaps, achieving deep processing, and the danger of overlearning.

Module 3: Most Useful Info

The most useful thing I learned in this module is skills to help with my procrastination. Procrastination is something I have always suffered from, this has troubled me from my younger years to this day. I have always put tasks to the side telling myself I would get it done after I complete another task causing me to rush, miss, or be late to something which is the worst. In one of the Youtube videos within this module the lady spoke of three skills that can might mitigate my procrastination. This included the ten minute rule by making my goals seems much easier by turning big jobs into smaller tasks. the next one is the 3 magical questions, where am i , what do i want to do, and how i will feel after doing it? The last one was ultimate goal vs immediate desire were i would switch theirs places. I have already incorporated the ten minute rule into my life. I had a paper do over the weekend instead of waiting until the night before to do it I wrote the paper throughout the week making the assignment not too big of a task had a waited until the last minute to write it. I could use the ultimate goal vs immediate desire in the future because it would help me become more productive. I would tell students that everything is not as hard as it seems if your passionate about it.

Module 2: Time management and organization

I think the most useful thing I learned in the module is the importance of organization. Everyone is different some people aren’t natural neat-freaks. I fall in the category of disorganized and untimely so anything dealing with organization or time management skills can improve my character and quality of work. Likewise, disorganization and poor time management can create a bad self image, mediocre/ poor grades, incompletion of work, and frustration. This is why organization and time management is very important, especially, when it comes to school/work. To demonstrate, I used these more improved skills to help organize a fundraiser to donate to the NAACP. This fundraiser is going to include 100-150 runners from NCAA division I track & field and cross country teams from Ohio State University to Louisiana State University. These runners will each run 5-10 miles totaling 1000 miles. Half of the money we raise is going to the NAACP and the other half is being divided amongst the team’s organization. This was a difficult task but it has worked out flawlessly as everything is in place. This was honesty surprising because I have never attempted let alone completed something of this magnitude before. This has given me a big confidence boost and greater self-image as I feel as if I could do anything if I set my mind to it.

source: Module 2: time management self assessment

Module 2: