What Not to Wear (for video)

You may be familiar with TLC’s reality television show “What Not to Wear” which first aired in early 2003, and stared fashion stylists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.  In each episode Stacy and Clinton would select an unknowing candidate, guilty of extreme fashion neglect, and give them a much needed style makeover.

Don’t worry.  You’re 1980’s Led Zeppelin t-shirt collection is safe with me🙂, but did you know that a video camera actually prefers some fashion choices over others?  The next time you are examining your wardrobe for a camera ready selection, please feel free to use these suggestions:

The Don’ts:

  1. Pinstripes, herringbone, or Scottish tweed. 
    • While dapper in person, small tight patterns on camera will render the Moiré effect.
  2. Saturated red.
    • Unless you have a pro-grade camera this color will bleed in your shot. 
  3. Creating high contrast with your complexion.
    • The camera will have trouble exposing if:
      • You have a very dark complexion and wear solid white
      • or if you have a very  pale complexion and wear solid black
  4. Fabrics that make noise when they move, or are pressed against a microphone
    • Wind suits and other crinkly materials
    • Wool suits when wearing a lapel.
  5. Clothes that have no place to clip a microphone/ no pockets to hide the microphone pack.
  6. Green clothes if you will be using a green screen.

The Do’s

  1. Mid-range solids or subtle patterns
    • Navy blue always works. 
  2. A collar or neckline where you can clip a microphone
  3. A pocket for the microphone pack
  4. Soft non-textured fabrics
  5. Something that makes you feel comfortable and confident

Best of luck!  You are now camera ready. 

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