About Me

My Name is Heather Cook and I am a graduating senior in the Psychology major from Columbus Ohio. My academic goals include earning a Masters degree in Counseling and becoming a licensed registered counselor in Ohio. I have a very wide range of interests, both academic and otherwise.

I love to learn about the “How”s and “Why”s of everything- ancient cultures, nature, and how society functions as a whole. I am passionate about listening to and learning how to play songs by a vast range of Rock musicians. I am also an avid reader and video game player. My favorite genre of video games would be role playing games such as The Legend of Zelda or Kingdom Hearts, and my favorite book genres are sci-fi and fantasy. I often find myself reading books that could potentially be classified as dystopian or apocalyptic in nature. I also love to watch anime and crime dramas on TV. I have several hobbies including playing guitar, creatively writing, horseback riding, and swimming. I love to be outside in the midst of nature on warm, sunny days. I also greatly enjoy raising bonsai trees and gardening. I try to bring a little bit of nature inside between houseplants and my fish aquariums that I maintain. I love to go to the fair for both the rides and the food.In the right environment, I can be a very involved and productive worker. I learn very quickly when I practice trial and error or when I am shown what I need to do.

During my academic career at Ohio State, I have learned a number of things about myself in terms of how well I work with others, my personal skill set, what skills I need to work on, and how well I work under pressure. I have learned that when placed in a group work setting I tend to take charge and create a democratic environment in which every member of the group has a voice and all ideas are thought about critically both in terms of practicality and efficiency. I have found that I struggle with low guidance tasks due to not knowing the expectations and parameters of the task at hand.