Aaron Craft, student-mathlete

We wanted incontrovertible proof of Aaron Craft’s prowess as a student-athlete. We wanted it to be fun. And we wanted it to be timely.

University Communications had a tall order. But Craft
a nutrition major with a 3.9 GPA as well as a Buckeye basketball stardelivered.

This week on osu.edu, we featured
a timeline of Craft’s life and Buckeye career, highlighting not only his athletic accomplishments but also his classroom kudos, record of community service and work as a university ambassador.

One brainy highlight: a video of Craft reciting 63 digits of pi. (We’re communicators. The math department helped us proof.) It’s a quick, fun and sharable way to showcase an athlete’s brains.

It works because it’s fun, timely (coinciding with not only basketball post-season play but also Pi Day, March 14) and authentic. Rather than telling how smart Craft is, we let him show us.

The Craft piece is a prime example of how print and web can work together to tell the full story, a topic
Publications Director Jay Hansen and I discussed at a recent UC Academy.

The newest edition of the Ohio State Alumni Magazine features a six-page spread on Craft. Jay and I are confident both media work together to tell the full story to a wide range of audiences.

Just as the Buckeyes cooperate on court, these pieces took a full team to create, including not only Editorial but also staffers on Interactive and Brand/Marketing. (The full court press included
Monica DeMeglio, Rick Harrison, Corey Hinshaw, Kelli Sommer and Kevin Fitzsimons.)

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