NP 8480 meets Quality Matters Standards

Carolyn Schubert

Carolyn Schubert

Carolyn Schubert submitted her doctoral-level, fully online Quality Improvement course for an official Quality Matters review in July. Three Quality Matters-trained peer reviewers spent many hours combing through the course, experiencing the content and activities from the student point of view. They provided detailed feedback to Carolyn regarding the features in her course that encourage student success and offered suggestions for continuous improvement.

The three peer reviewers brought years of experience in online teaching as well as expertise in education and health care to the review. They were:

  • David Stein (Associate Professor in the College of Education)
  • Jackie Buell (Assistant Professor in Health and Rehab Sciences, College of Medicine)
  • Tara Spalla (Associate Dean, Distance Education, Mount Carmel College of Nursing)

NP 8480 is the sixth course at Ohio State and the second in the College of Nursing to earn the Quality Matters seal for quality assurance in online courses. If you have designed an online or hybrid course and would like to submit it for a Quality Matters review, please speak with Joni Tornwall to find out how to get started.