Properly Adding an Email Signature to your iOS Device

There is a little trick to adding an email signature and preserving your email formatting on an iOS device!

The first step is to email yourself from your computer so that you have the proper formatting for your signature like so.


Then once you have done that, open up said email on your iOS device. Once there, copy and paste the signature by holding down your finger and hitting Select.


Once you have done that, your screen should look like this.


Now drag the left pin to highlight the entire signature so that it looks like this.


Then hit copy!

Now go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars –> Signatures and either select All Accounts or Per Account depending on how you want the signature applied.

Be sure and erase the old signature, then press and hold your finger to the screen until these options come up. Now press Paste.


Finally, physically shake your iPhone until this screen comes up


and click Undo. Once you click that, your signature will contain the proper formatting.

iOS Apps to Consider for Productivity

Simply click on these links from your iOS device or search in the App Store to install them.

Stay tuned for the Android equivalent of this list!


General Productivity Apps

  1. iWork suite (Apple’s version of Office) — Pages, Numbers, and Keynote
  2. Microsoft Office — Powerpoint, Excel, Word
  3. Adobe Connect — join your online CarmenConnect meetings from your mobile device
  4. Dropbox — a personal cloud storage service
  5. BuckeyeBox — OSU’s official cloud storage service
  6. Google Docs — Google’s online document editing software
  7. Google Drive — Google’s online file storage
  8. Wunderlist — to-do lists that can be collaborative
  9. Evernote — write notes and access them on any device
  10. Notability — hand write notes onto PDFs and PowerPoint presentations
  11. Google Hangouts — online chat client for meetings
  12. TopHat — clicker replacement for classrooms
  13. VoiceThread — multimedia social presence within online classrooms

Nursing Specific Apps

  1. UpToDate — library of clinical answers
  2. First Consult — clinical decision support resource
  3. Micromedex Free Drug Reference
  4. Micromedex Drug Interactions
  5. Micromedex IV Compatibility
  6. BrowZine — find, read, and monitor scholarly journals
  7. Stat!Ref — access to specific medical subscription books
  8. The Access Medicine — point of care information

If at any point you need lessons on how to use these apps, please email for assistance.