Get your Carmen Gradebook Ready for AU17 Final Grades

You’ll be submitting final grades for AU17 in just a few weeks. Are you ready? Now is the time to double-check your Carmen gradebook setup and prepare it so grade submission goes smoothly. The CON instructional design team presented a Flash Friday webinar on 11/17 on how the gradebook and assignment tools in Carmen are connected and how to organize one to rearrange the other. Find out how weighting grades, dropping grades, muting grades, and bonus assignments/points work in the gradebook in the recording of this webinar at

Additional resources

Canvas Grading Resources

See the recorded “Flash Tuesday” workshop here: Canvas Grading Workshop

Our Canvas workshop series continues with Lara Flaute today, November 1, from 12:00-12:30 p.m. with a “Flash Tuesday” webinar in CarmenConnect.  Lara will show you how to grade assignments in Carmen (Canvas) with SpeedGrader, change grades in the grade book, and calculate final grades for your classes. Join us from your computer for a quick half-hour noontime session at

This workshop references the following resources from Canvas Instructure Guides as well as the Ohio State Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE):

Canvas Gradebook Overview (video)

Transferring Final Grades

How do I Enter and Edit Grades in the Gradebook?

What is Speedgrader?

Wondering what your students see in their Carmen gradebook?

Do you ever wonder where those comments you leave for your students in the Carmen gradebook go?  Or maybe you want to know exactly what your students are seeing when they open their grades in Carmen.  The student view of the Carmen gradebook is quite different from the instructor view, but you (the instructor) can preview what an individual student sees when they open their gradebook.  This can be a very useful view if a student contacts you with questions about their grade.  You will want to open this view so that you know precisely what they are seeing and why they might have questions about it.

To see an individual student’s view of their gradebook, follow these steps:

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