“Your mailbox is almost full.”

Have you received a [legitimate] notice from OSU that your mailbox is full?  Here’s a tip that will help correct the problem and prevent it from happening in the future.

Each faculty and staff member is allocated 1GB (1024MB) of email storage, and unlimited archive storage. The reason the two are split comes down to how the email is stored and a few other technical reasons. We recommend setting up an archiving policy to manage the amount of storage you use. To accomplish this you can follow this guide:

1.       Login to OWA (Outlook Web Application), at https://email.osu.edu/. Choosing the private computer option will get you a longer session before it logs you out. This will be using your name.# university credentials.


2.       Right-Click your Inbox folder and there will be an Archive Policy selection area


3.       Select either the 3 Month, 6 Month, or 1 Year option to ensure enough free space. You can also clear your Deleted Items as well, which counts towards your total space.

4.       Repeat the procedure for any other folders you wish to have auto-archived.  Recommended folders to archive, at least:

  • Deleted items
  • Sent items
  • The top folder of nested folders, if applicable. (If you have a folder called “Saved” or something similar, with a bunch of other folders inside of that one, you just need to set the archive policy on the top folder and it will apply to all subfolders.)
5.       Your Archive folder will appear below in a section called Personal Archive:
6.       Your folder structure under your inbox will be replicated and saved. Once emails reach the age of your chosen archiving policy, they will automatically migrate to this section of your account.
Making sure you have an archiving policy will save you much grief in the end help mitigate running out of space.