Grade Carmen Dropbox submissions quickly and efficiently

Grading in Carmen Dropbox just became a lot more efficient!  With the addition of voice commenting to TurnItIn’s features in Dropbox, you can now offer richer feedback to your students more quickly.  No more downloading student submissions, typing out comments using Word’s “Track Changes” feature, saving, and re-uploading.  Do it all in Carmen and save it there instead of on your computer!

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First, you need to enable Originality Check on your Dropbox folder.

Step 1:

Enable Originality Check, Step 1

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Accessing Graded TurnItIn Submissions

If your professor is using TurnItIn in association with the Carmen Dropbox, he or she might also be leaving text and/or audio comments for you in the GradeMark feature of TurnItIn.  Here’s how you can view and listen to those comments on your submitted documents.

In order to access your submitted work, first log into the Dropbox and click on the appropriate submission.

Carmen Dropbox Submission Menu

Next click on the paper icon with the green checkmark.

Field to select paper with green checkmark

Then, view your submitted work.  If your instructor has left comments on your work, you’ll see a white speech bubble with a blue frame around it.  Hover over or click on the speech bubble to view your instructor’s comments.

Submitted paper

If your instructor recorded a voice comment on your assignment, you may listen to it by clicking the play button as shown below.