Multiple Tabs or Multiple Windows?

So you primarily have two options when working on projects through your web browser. You can either have multiple tabs open like this to do your work in

picture of multiple tabs


or you can select file, then new window (Mac) to have multiple browser windows open. In Microsoft Windows just select new window from its appropriate area of your browser. The other way to do this is to left click the tab itself and drag it to a different area, if you have multiple tabs open to begin with.


Once you have two windows you can drag them to view them both within the same screen like this

one screen, two windows


or, if you have multiple computer screens, drag one window to one screen and the other one to another such as this. This technique allows you to view two windows simultaneously which can be very helpful when doing tasks within systems such as Carmen.

two screens


Take time to experiment with these three techniques and decide which one works best for you!