Randomization for Group Allocation

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of setting up and utilizing randomization to place participants of your study into groups.

First, log into Qualtrics using this link: https://osu.qualtrics.com. Then follow these instructions:

  1. Log into the survey that you want to add randomization to and go to the edit survey tab
  2. Click on the Survey flow tab to open up the flow.  Here is also where you can apply branches to your survey that take participants to different pages depending upon how they answer.
  3. Click on “add a new element here”
  4. Choose the “Randomizer” button
  5. Under the Randomizer plugin, click “add a new element here” and choose embed data.  Perform this twice. This represents the number of groups you need, so repeat as necessary until the desired number of groups are created.
  6. Name the Data “group” and set the value to 1 for the first embed box and 2 for the second and so on until all boxes are filled (for studies with more than 2 groups).
  7. Go back to the randomizer and write 1 for “Randomly present __ of the following elements.”
  8. Check the box “evenly present elements” if you wish to have evenly distributed groupings
  9. Done! Your screen should appear similar to the screenshot below.


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