Choose the Best Answer:  (a) Multiple Choice Quizzes or (b) Specification Grading

If you’ve ever felt the tension between multiple-choice tests and more complex assessments of learning, you are not alone.  Read this EdSurge article on specification grading and its potential advantages over multiple choice exams for student assessment.

The grading tools in CarmenCanvas might make specification grading an efficient approach to engaging your students and finding out more about the course content they have learned and can apply to problems.  The article also makes a case for the right time and way to use multiple choice tests.  If you would like to explore CarmenCanvas tools (rubrics, SpeedGrader, etc.) for specification grading, please contact the for more information.

H5P for interactive course content

Brad Thompson, CON IT employee and grad-entry nursing student, introduced H5P in our most recent Flash Friday.  He showed us how to create content such as flashcards, interactive video, and self-assessment quizzes with H5P.  He described H5P features and functions, provided examples, and demonstrated how to integrate H5P learning objects into a Carmen course.
H5P is a free and open-source application you and your students can access online in a web browser. See Brad’s previous blog posts on H5P for more information.
View a recording of Brad’s H5P webinar.


Submit your Final Grades for Spring ’18

You’ll be submitting final grades for SP18 soon. If you need a reminder of how to submit final grades, or a step-by-step tutorial, we’ve provided some resources you might find helpful below. Please contact the CON IT instructional design team if you need additional assistance.

Additional resources

Zoom in the College of Nursing

The College of Nursing IT Department has added Zoom to their learning technology tool set!

Zoom is a cloud-based platform for video and audio conferencing, mobile collaboration, and simple online meetings. Zoom’s web-based conferencing uses high quality video and audio and is accessible on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android mobile devices.  Zoom is very similar in functionality to Adobe Connect (CarmenConnect), but because it is hosted in the cloud, it does not appear to have the same problems that arise occasionally in CarmenConnect, such as frequent disconnects and audio dropping in and out.  The College of Nursing has obtained a limited number of Zoom accounts for College of Nursing faculty teaching online who are seeking an alternative to CarmenConnect.

To reserve a Zoom meeting room for your meetings and classes, visit

On April 13, Awais Ali presented a webinar to CON faculty and staff on getting started with Zoom.  View the recorded webinar.

Looking for shorter, more general tutorials in snippets?  These quick Zoom video tutorials include instructions to use breakout rooms, polling, screen sharing, recording, and other advanced features.

Carmen Tips and Tricks

Our 4/6/18 Flash Friday presentation covered a number of CarmenCanvas tips and tricks, including:

  1. A different way to work with default due dates while setting up an assignment
  2. Checking to make sure a rubric will be used for grading
  3. Making sure peer reviews require a submission (even something as simple as a text entry) so students can easily see who they need to review
  4. A note about regrading quiz questions that came from a question bank
  5. Deleting calendar items that don’t have any dates attached to them
  6. How to change a single person’s grade when working with group assignments
  7. Adding your actual syllabus to the Syllabus page
  8. Downloading multiple files at one time

View the recording at

Proctorio available now for remote proctoring

View our 5-17-18 Proctorio Flash “Thursday” presentation.

The Office of Distance Education and eLearning has concluded their search for a remote proctoring tool, and they are now making Proctorio available to all Ohio State faculty, staff, and students for larger, summative, CarmenCanvas-based exams. Proctorio records exam audio and video for review by the instructor after the exam, and it marks segments of the video where the computer algorithm has identified potential academic misconduct behavior.

Proctorio is available now campus-wide to all Ohio State faculty, staff, and students in CarmenCanvas.

If you would like to get started with Proctorio , ODEE has made some initial resources available. They will continue to expand these resources and communications as Proctorio’s formal introduction to campus progresses through the summer term.


HSL Liaison Librarian News

Read the latest from the College of Nursing’s Health Sciences Library liaison, Kerry Dhakal, in her March, 2018, newsletter.  Learn about new tools and opportunities available through the HSL, including:

  • VisualDX: a visual diagnostic point-of-care tool developed to assist medical practitioners in clinical decision-making
  • HSL Subject Guides: a place to collect course- and subject-specific library resources
  • Software to support your research in the the HSL Digital Union: software like NVivo, SPSS, and Tableau Public are available for use in the 4th-floor Digital Union for you and your students to use.

Read the latest newsletter from our HSL liaison.

LabArchives Tips (6): Monitor Lab Activity Within LabArchives

LabArchives provides a series of six articles to get you started with their lab notebook tool.  This is the sixth and final in the series.  All information is taken directly from the tutorials they send by email to new users.

Activity Feed

Need to review notebook activity? Who made that change, or added that file? All activities are tracked within your activity feed. It’s your notebook audit trail. Learn more


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