CON Librarian Support

Here is some information from Stephanie Schulte, Health Sciences Library, about librarian support for the College of Nursing.

Over the next several months, we are trying out a new approach for librarian support to nursing. The Health Sciences Library is partnering with Natalie Kupferberg, who is a librarian at the Biology/Pharmacy Library, to serve as a liaison to the College of Nursing. Natalie is the current subject specialist for Pharmacy, Psychology, and Speech and Hearing Sciences, and also serves on a wellness subcommittee at OSU. I hope this will clarify both what Natalie can help with and when you should contact the Health Sciences Library. As a side note, for those who knew Emily Ginier, the part-time temporary librarian who worked with me last year, she will be starting as a faculty librarian at the University of Michigan Taubman Health Sciences Library on August 25. I am sad to not have her here with us, but this is a fantastic opportunity for her.

Reference and Research Assistance, Requests for Librarian Instruction in Courses (online or face-to-face), and Other General Questions

Students, faculty and staff who need help with a reference question, need assistance with a literature search or assignment, or would like a librarian to provide instruction in their classroom should contact Natalie first. If she’s not available, you may contact me. Email and phone are preferred mechanisms for contact. Appointments are almost always needed, so please plan ahead and let your students know to set up appointments via email or phone call. Very basic questions about how to access a specific resource or getting to the full text of an article can be directed either to our Ask a Librarian form or by calling the HSL Desk any time the library is open: 292-4861. Students often do not know they can request help from a librarian. Rest assured, we do NOT do their work for them! But we are here to help, so spread the word.

Help with use of journal articles and other reserve materials in Carmen or for Courses

Missy Creed is the primary contact for electronic and print reserves. The Health Sciences Library provides information about Reserves and linking to articles in Carmen on its web site.


Both Natalie and I can provide basic initial guidance on copyright matters. If needed, we will refer on to Lynda Hartel (at HSL) or to the Copyright Help Center at University Libraries. You may email or for help. More info about services is available on OSUL Libraries web site. Of note, there is a very nice page with resources about fair use available. It is always advisable to use a fair use checklist when using library materials for education purposes, but is also useful for other uses (manuscript preparation, conference presentations, etc.).

Purchase Recommendations

May be made through our online form.

Staff Nursing Support

I will continue to be the lead contact for all staff nursing instruction requests or requests for search help. This means if you have dual roles in the College of Nursing and also work at either Wexner Med Center or the James, and your request is about your work there (not college-related), please email or call me.

To contact Natalie: or (614) 292-1945. Natalie is located in the Riffe Building, Biology/Pharmacy Library, 496 W. 12th Ave., Room 100F. More info about Natalie is available via her public Research in View profile.

We have a variety of guides that may be of help to you or your students. Please feel free to share these links.

  • Nursing Subject Guide:
    This guide includes specific pages for several courses, including informatics, nursing policy, pharmacology, transitions to professional practice, and evidence based practice.
  • Nursing RN-to-BSN Subject Guide:
    Designed for this population of students
  • Library Link Embedded in Carmen Courses: In the gray bar with links in each Carmen course, you’ll find a link to the library (Content/Activities/People/Grades/Library/etc.). In most cases, the page that opens when you click this link was made especially for nursing or in some cases, that specific course. This is a well-used feature based on statistics we have. You may want to show this to your students.

Thank you for your support, and thanks for reading! We look forward to working with you. Let us know if you have questions.

Stephanie J. Schulte, MLIS
Associate Professor
Education & Reference Services Coordinator
Health Sciences Library
206 Prior Hall, 376 W. 10th Ave., Columbus, OH 43210
614-292-4893 Office