Linking to the Room

There are a number of ways to share the link to your room. Typically, you’ll place it into a Carmen course or send out an email with the link.

Linking within a Carmen course

  1. Go to your Carmen course and to the Content area where you want to put your Connect meeting room link.
  2. Click the New button, then New Link.
  3. In the title field, type a title for your CarmenConnect meeting room.  This is what your students will see in Carmen and what they’ll click on to enter your meeting room.  (For example: “CarmenConnect Meeting Link”)
  4. In the URL field, paste the URL that you copied when you finished creating your room. (Or, you can simply type it in.  It will be, with the blank representing whatever you typed in the Custom URL field when you created the room, such as n8781.)
  5. Check the box beside “Open in a New Window.”
  6. Click Create, and you’re done.

Emailing the CarmenConnect Link

  1. Copy the link for your room.
  2. Paste into a message body of an email to whoever you target audience is.
  3. Feel free to link to the following page if your participants need some basic help using CarmenConnect:

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