Tips and Tricks

This page will feature various Canvas tips and tricks. Related to this, check out this discussion about Canvas’ “best kept secrets” on the Canvas Community website.

Check out these Tips for Faculty Success in Canvas!

ODEE has instructions on how to manually add someone to your Canvas course. This should not be used to add students or instructors who were added in via SIS.

Interested in using student-to-student peer review in your Canvas course?  There’s a Canvas tool for that!  Read more about it.  There are also instructions for students.

Create a blog or web site assignment and grade it in Canvas
View this short video to see how you can assign individual blog entries in U.OSU for students and grade them using the Speed Grader.


Add a Google folder to a Canvas Page
If you have a Google folder with resources for your students, you can create a nice-looking page with a grid view!  (Here’s the code:)

<iframe src="" width="700" height="500" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Google folder embedded in Canvas Page

Manage Notifications (or help students to do this):

This post shows you what to do if your students are not receiving emails (and how to generally manage notifications in Canvas)