Frequently Asked Questions

What is the OSU Campus timeline for the Canvas rollout?

  • SU16: Rollout of production environment
  • AU16: Opt In, but goal to have as many people as possible use Canvas
  • SP17: Opt Out, everyone must be in Canvas unless they have a good reason to be in D2L
  • May 14, 2017: No more general access to D2L!
  • SU17: Only ODEE has access to D2L while they work on shutting it down.
  • AU17: D2L will be gone.

More Canvas adoption information from ODEE

What is the CON timeline for the Canvas rollout?

Generally, our programs will offer their courses to students in Canvas for the first time according to the following schedule:

Summer 2016
Masters of Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research
On campus FNP specialty track

Autumn 2016
Health and Wellness Innovation in Healthcare (BS)
Masters in Healthcare Innovation
Adult Gerontology, Psych MH and NNP MS specialty tracks
MS Core Courses

Spring 2017
Online FNP MS specialty track and remaining on campus MS specialty tracks
Prelicensure Nursing

Where can I view orientation videos on Canvas?

ODEE has a series of “walkthrough videos” that you might find helpful.

Where is Canvas?  Where is the old Carmen?

Both are available via the “landing page” at

Where is the main page for ODEE Canvas support for instructors and students?

All support documents for Canvas are here.  There are links on this page to request a Canvas sandbox or request help with Canvas from ODEE.

Are there good instructor guides for Canvas?

Yes!  This pages lists some wonderful instructor help for Canvas:

What resources are available to orient students to Canvas?

Students can refer to these ODEE resources to learn to use Canvas.  There is also a Canvas Tips for Students for students, shared by Leona Barratt at University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

How do I get a Canvas sandbox (blank shell) to experiment/develop in?

Fill out this form on the ODEE website to request a Canvas sandbox:

I need to import course content into Canvas.  How do I do that?

Here is a guide to importing from your master course into your semester course:

Here is a guide to importing content from many different sources into Canvas:

Will ODEE staff and/or CON IT staff move my course for me?

If you are teaching a course in a fully online program that generates revenue for ODEE, ODEE staff will work with you to move your course from Carmen to Canvas.  All other courses must be moved internally.  Workshops and support documentation will be available to help you export your course from Carmen and import it into Canvas, but you may want to talk with your CON IT staff about the potential to refresh your course in the moving process.  This means you may not want to copy all files, folders, and content from your old Carmen course to your new Canvas course.  For best practices around making this decision, be sure to attend a workshop on our Canvas adoption in the CON.

Who will help me internally in the CON, and what will they do?

John Pryba can do some of the initial steps of transitioning your course from Carmen to Canvas for you.

What we will do:
1.  Export a copy of your course from Carmen
2.  Create a “master course” in Canvas and import your course copy in that master course shell
3.  Arrange your content and make it work as much like it previously worked in Carmen as possible
4.  Contact you when the move is complete and ask if you need any additional changes

If you would like to have us perform these initial steps to move your course for your, please complete the request form at

What is the absolute deadline by which I must have my course moved from Carmen to Canvas?

According to the ODEE (the university) timeline, every course needs to be running in Canvas by Spring 2017, unless you have an exemption.  That means the work of moving your course must be done before May 14, 2017.  However, the more important deadline is set by your course head or program director.  If you aren’t sure when your course needs to be moved, check with your course head, program director, or Cindy Anderson.

Can I have a copy of my course in Carmen (to teach) and Canvas (to work on moving it) at the same time?

Yes.  We will create a “master course” in Canvas for you, which will contain a copy of your course.  You will copy that course into your active academic course in the future.  You can have only one copy of an active academic course (with students who are currently enrolled and studying) at any time, and it will either be in Carmen or in Canvas.

What should I do about academic records in my Carmen courses?

ODEE has an article, Saving (and Destroying) Academic Records, that gives guidelines about what to do with academic records from your Carmen courses.

Is it called Carmen, or is it called Canvas?

The intention is to call our learning management system “Carmen” (or more specifically, Carmen Courses) no matter whether it is based on Desire2Learn, the old platform we are used to calling Carmen, or Canvas, the new platform to which we are moving.  However, while we are actively using two systems, Carmen (based on Desire2Learn) and Canvas (based on Canvas, but should be called Carmen in the future), it would be quite confusing to refer to them by the same name.  Therefore, you’ll hear people referring to Carmen (meaning the older learning management system we are all familiar with) and Canvas (meaning the system we are moving to in the next year) for now.  It remains to be seen whether we can all start calling Canvas “Carmen” after the transition.

I used to use [this tool, feature, function] in Carmen, and now I need to use it in Canvas.  What is the equivalent in Canvas, and how do I use it?

ODEE has a good conversion chart on their website.  It lists tools, features, and functions you were using in Carmen by their old names and aligns them with similar tools, features, and functions in Canvas along with links to information pages about how to use them or how they work.

Where can I find the general Canvas community?

Access the Canvas Community to find help, share ideas, and join groups external to OSU.  You will need to log in to Canvas at OSU first so you can access all of the features on the Canvas Community page.