Accessing older CarmenCanvas courses

If you are on the Carmen landing page and are trying to access older courses, here’s a simple trick to make them show up.

Click on the “Load More Courses” button on the right side under Filter.

Load More Courses

Now you’ll see more courses. In this example, the list now includes SU16 and AU16. The search feature will also find your older courses from those semesters.

Hide Added Courses
To go back to viewing more recent courses, click on the same button (which now says “Hide Added Courses”).


College of Nursing Passw​ord Synchronization Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening?

On December 20th, 2016, we will begin syncing computer log in usernames and passwords with Ohio State usernames (lastname.#) and passwords throughout the College of Nursing​.

Why is this happening?

Simplicity! By syncing your computer log in with your Ohio State username (lastname.#) and password, you will only have to remember one password instead of two. In addition, you will only need to update one password every 180 days at

What do I need to do to prepare?

  • You will need to make sure that you know your Ohio State (lastname.#) password so that you may use it when you log in to your computer.
  • It is also recommended that you log off your computer prior to the password sync if you are able to do so.​​

​​How should I change my password in the future?

​Please go to to change your password when you receive the email notification that it will be expiring soon.

What do I do if I forgot my Ohio State username and password?

Visit to obtain your username and password. Please note that only the account owner can request a password reset. Call 8-HELP (4357) or e-mail

Will I still need to put OSUCON\ in front of my username?

For certain applications, yes. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • SharePoint
  • Studentweb
  • Panopto Recorder​ (Not the web page)
  • Nucleus

I’m a VPN user – will it work if I don’t come in to campus first?

The short answer is “it depends”. There are several factors related to your operating system, VPN client version, and domain membership that all work together to create network access.

  • If you connect to the VPN using a personal computer, you will likely only need to update your connection script. Please see the article here for more information.
  • If you connect to the VPN using a CON owned computer, AND you plan on connecting over break (before you are able to bring the laptop back in to Newton Hall), please contact us. We will work with you to make the transition as smooth as possible.

If you have trouble accessing documents remotely over break via the VPN, please try using the CON Remote Desktop Server as a temporary workaround. For questions, please contact us at

Grading Schemes in Canvas

Here is how you can choose what grade scheme you want to use before sending your final grades to the Faculty Center.

1. Go into your course and click on Settings.

Click on Settings

2. Under the Course Details tab, scroll down until you see Grading Scheme.

3. Check the box next to “Enable course grading scheme” (if it’s not already checked) and then click on “view grading scheme”.

Enable course grading scheme

4. The grading scheme that you’ll see is a default in Canvas that does *not* follow the OSU scheme. So, click on “Select Another Scheme” to choose something else.

Select Another Scheme

5. On the left side is a list of schemes. Choose the OSU Standard Scheme if you don’t plan on rounding up grades. There is also an S/U scheme if you want to use that. If you want to round up your grades, click on OSU with rounding. Regardless of which scheme you choose, make sure to click on “Use this grading standard”.

Use this grading standard

6. If you have chosen the scheme you want to use, click on Done.

Click on Done

7. IMPORTANT! Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Update Course Details”.

Update Course Details

Flash Friday – Randomized Quizzes in Carmen

If you are thinking about moving a paper quiz into Carmen, or if you’re simply concerned about student “collaboration” on an existing quiz intended for individual completion, join John Pryba for this quick virtual demo. He’ll show you, step by step, how to make Carmen display your quiz questions in random order and also display the answer choices for each question in random order. Learn when randomization is an appropriate strategy and when it may cause problems, and find out how easy it is to make Carmen facilitate the quizzing workflow for both you and your students.

View the demo.

Download a Panopto Lecture

Here is how you can download a Panopto lecture for later playback.

Note: We suggest using Firefox or Internet Explorer. The RSS portion of these instructions may not work properly in Chrome or Safari.

1) Go to the Panopto lecture in question.

2) Click on the name of the folder where it’s located. This is listed on the top of the lecture.

Click on name of folder

3) The folder should open in a new tab. If the playback in the other tab annoys you, you’ll want to go back and pause it or just close that particular tab.

4) On the top right of the list of items under the Sign In link is an RSS feed icon. Click on it and choose Subscribe to RSS if you want video or Subscribe to RSS (audio only) if you want just the audio.

Subscribe to RSS

5) On the resulting page you will see a list of topics and files. Right click and choose the “save as” option in your browser to download the file.

List of topics and files

Large Mail in Outlook

If you receive a notice saying your mailbox is almost full, here is a way to reduce the amount of space you are taking up without having to resort to archiving email.

Note: You’ll need to use Outlook (not Outlook Web Access) in order to get this to work.

1) Right click on Search Folders (lower left portion of the screen) and choose New Search Folder.

Right click and choose New Search Folder

2) Choose Large Mail from the list (you will have to scroll down a bit to see this) and click OK.

Choose Large mail

3) Click on Search Folders to expand it and then choose Large Mail to perform a search. The results should show up with the largest on top. Here is an example:

Large mail search results example

4) You have a variety of options to deal with these larger emails. For some, you may end up deleting them because they are duplicate emails with large attachments or emails you don’t really need to keep (such as pics of someone’s baby or pet).

You can also save the attachment somewhere on the network and then right click on the attachment to remove it from the email. Then this will preserve the email, but it will not be large anymore because the offending attachment is gone.

If you find you need more space, you may still need to archive some of your older email. You may also contact 8-HELP to see if they can provide you with more storage.

Faculty Voting Process in Checkbox

In an attempt to streamline the voting process at CON faculty meetings, we have been placing password-protected surveys on Checkbox. To better prepare faculty for this, we have created a test survey open to anyone with a CON username and password. Faculty may access it at and take it as many times as needed to ensure it works on all of their computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Here are some further instructions.

First, for Internet Explorer usersChoose About Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer, it will *not* work properly if it’s version 11.

To check on this, click on the little “cog” (usually on the top right of the window) and choose About Internet Explorer. (If you see a Help menu, you can also click on that and look for About Internet Explorer.)

If it says 11, please use another web browser (such as Firefox or Chrome).

Vote early, vote often…

1) When we give you a link to a survey, you’ll need to log in to vote.

Here is the link to the test survey mentioned earlier:

(Unlike the actual votes for faculty meetings, you may “stuff the ballot” for this test survey. Try it out on whatever devices you may think you’ll bring to a faculty meeting.)

2) Your username is your CON username, *without* osucon\

Put in your password, and then click on the Log In button. Pressing Enter on your keyboard will not work.

Enter username, password, and click on Log In

3) Place your vote (approve or do not approve the item in question) and click on the Finish button.

Choose an option and click on Finish

Please get in touch with us at if you have any questions about this.

Newton Hall Classroom Upgrades

We have made some upgrades recently in our classrooms as well as some of our conference rooms (128 and 380). Both should be quite noticeable — one literally being in your face.

Who’s watching me?

Microsoft LifeCamFirst, each of the classrooms and 380 has a webcam (with built-in microphone) now. You can use it for web conferencing (such as CarmenConnect) or for recording your lectures in Panopto.

In the classrooms, the webcam is located on a mount near the computer monitor. There is no need to twist the mount to move the webcam around. You can rotate the webcam without moving anything underneath. (In 380, the webcam is on a small tripod on a desk near the TV. In 128, there was already a webcam mounted on top one of the TVs.)

If you don’t like being on video, don’t worry — the use of video is totally optional! You can still get on CarmenConnect or record a Panopto without video. In CarmenConnect, simply make sure not to turn on the webcam. If video from the webcam shows up when you open Panopto Recorder, change it to “None”.

Panopto - change video to None

If you don’t use the webcam for video but choose it for audio, the light on the webcam will still turn on when it’s in use. This is perfectly normal and doesn’t mean it’s secretly recording you.

That was fast!

The other improvement in our classrooms and conference rooms was replacing the hard drives with solid state drives (SSDs). These drives have no moving parts and can access data much faster than a regular hard drive. Logging in on a computer, even for the first time, should be much faster. The same goes with opening up programs, especially Panopto Recorder.

Check out this comparison to see how much faster an SSD can be than a regular hard drive. In this video, both computers are the same except for the drive in each. You’ll see a comparison of startup time as well as the time it takes to load a large document in Photoshop. The seconds you save here and there really do add up!


CON Librarian Support

Here is some information from Stephanie Schulte, Health Sciences Library, about librarian support for the College of Nursing.

Over the next several months, we are trying out a new approach for librarian support to nursing. The Health Sciences Library is partnering with Natalie Kupferberg, who is a librarian at the Biology/Pharmacy Library, to serve as a liaison to the College of Nursing. Natalie is the current subject specialist for Pharmacy, Psychology, and Speech and Hearing Sciences, and also serves on a wellness subcommittee at OSU. I hope this will clarify both what Natalie can help with and when you should contact the Health Sciences Library. As a side note, for those who knew Emily Ginier, the part-time temporary librarian who worked with me last year, she will be starting as a faculty librarian at the University of Michigan Taubman Health Sciences Library on August 25. I am sad to not have her here with us, but this is a fantastic opportunity for her.

Reference and Research Assistance, Requests for Librarian Instruction in Courses (online or face-to-face), and Other General Questions

Students, faculty and staff who need help with a reference question, need assistance with a literature search or assignment, or would like a librarian to provide instruction in their classroom should contact Natalie first. If she’s not available, you may contact me. Email and phone are preferred mechanisms for contact. Appointments are almost always needed, so please plan ahead and let your students know to set up appointments via email or phone call. Very basic questions about how to access a specific resource or getting to the full text of an article can be directed either to our Ask a Librarian form or by calling the HSL Desk any time the library is open: 292-4861. Students often do not know they can request help from a librarian. Rest assured, we do NOT do their work for them! But we are here to help, so spread the word.

Help with use of journal articles and other reserve materials in Carmen or for Courses

Missy Creed is the primary contact for electronic and print reserves. The Health Sciences Library provides information about Reserves and linking to articles in Carmen on its web site.


Both Natalie and I can provide basic initial guidance on copyright matters. If needed, we will refer on to Lynda Hartel (at HSL) or to the Copyright Help Center at University Libraries. You may email or for help. More info about services is available on OSUL Libraries web site. Of note, there is a very nice page with resources about fair use available. It is always advisable to use a fair use checklist when using library materials for education purposes, but is also useful for other uses (manuscript preparation, conference presentations, etc.).

Purchase Recommendations

May be made through our online form.

Staff Nursing Support

I will continue to be the lead contact for all staff nursing instruction requests or requests for search help. This means if you have dual roles in the College of Nursing and also work at either Wexner Med Center or the James, and your request is about your work there (not college-related), please email or call me.

To contact Natalie: or (614) 292-1945. Natalie is located in the Riffe Building, Biology/Pharmacy Library, 496 W. 12th Ave., Room 100F. More info about Natalie is available via her public Research in View profile.

We have a variety of guides that may be of help to you or your students. Please feel free to share these links.

  • Nursing Subject Guide:
    This guide includes specific pages for several courses, including informatics, nursing policy, pharmacology, transitions to professional practice, and evidence based practice.
  • Nursing RN-to-BSN Subject Guide:
    Designed for this population of students
  • Library Link Embedded in Carmen Courses: In the gray bar with links in each Carmen course, you’ll find a link to the library (Content/Activities/People/Grades/Library/etc.). In most cases, the page that opens when you click this link was made especially for nursing or in some cases, that specific course. This is a well-used feature based on statistics we have. You may want to show this to your students.

Thank you for your support, and thanks for reading! We look forward to working with you. Let us know if you have questions.

Stephanie J. Schulte, MLIS
Associate Professor
Education & Reference Services Coordinator
Health Sciences Library
206 Prior Hall, 376 W. 10th Ave., Columbus, OH 43210
614-292-4893 Office