Panopto Updates – December 2020

View the 1/5/21 training session covering the changes in Panopto.

When we renewed our Panopto agreement this fall, we chose to change it from hosting it ourselves to having Panopto host it on the cloud. The migration to the cloud is complete. Links to older Panopto lectures will redirect, but there are some changes in how users log into the Panopto website and Panopto Recorder.

Logging into the Panopto Website

If you only use the Panopto website (now located at to view videos, here is the main change if prompted to log in:

Sign into Panopto with OSU Web Login Service

If you see this, choose OSU Web Login Service and click on Sign in. Then enter your OSU/Carmen username and password. If you were already on another OSU website that required you to login, you may not see this. If you are unable to get on the site but have a CON account, please contact for further assistance.

Recording a Lecture

If you record lectures in Panopto, you’ll need to update Panopto Recorder. There is also a new option to let users record from their web browser. This is worth trying out if you are having any issues with the recording software.

Personal Computers (Windows and Mac)

If you use Panopto Recorder on your personal system, go ahead and download the new version from the Panopto website.

  1. Log in at
  2. Click on Download Panopto and save the file to your computer.
    Download Panopto
  3. Install the new version on your computer.
  4. After opening the program, it should have you log in with the OSU Web Service Login option. If you are asked to enter a server name, make sure it’s

CON-owned Windows Computers

If you are using a CON-owned Windows system and know you are an administrator on it, go ahead and download Panopto Recorder and install it (see the previous section about personal computers).

Otherwise, you should be able to use the current version of Panopto Recorder for now. Later on we will work on pushing out the newest version of Panopto Recorder to your system.

  1. Open up Panopto Recorder.
  2. If it shows you as logged in, make sure to log out.
    Signed into Panopto Recorder - older account
  3. Change the server address to and click on Save.
    Change the server address
  4. Log in with the OSU Web Service Login option.
  5. After logging in, notice your username will appear to be slightly different. It’ll show your full email address instead of just your username.
    Signed into Panopto Recorder

If you are unable to get this to work (for example, you can’t change the server name without being asked to enter admin credentials), contact for further help. We may ask that you log into the Panopto website and use Panopto Capture to record a lecture from your web browser as a temporary workaround.

CON-owned Macs

You can get Panopto Recorder from the Self Service app on your CON-owned Mac. No admin credentials are required to install it.

  1. Open the Ohio State Self Service application.
    Self Service app icon
  2. Search for Panopto and click on install/reinstall.
    Install/Reinstall Panopto
  3. Wait a few minutes while the program installs.
  4. If you open the program and it mentions it can’t connect to the server, change it to
  5. You should then be able to log in with the OSU Web Service Login option.

Recording from the Panopto Website

There is a new option called Panopto Capture that will let you record from your web browser. Try it if you are having issues with Panopto Recorder.

  1. Log in at
  2. Click on the Create button and choose Panopto Capture.
    Panopto Capture
  3. Follow the Panopto Capture instructions from the Panopto website.

We are planning on offering a few training sessions in the next few weeks. They will be recorded for those who can’t make it. Look out for an email with dates and times.

Again, please contact if you have any questions.