BuckeyePass and the Remote Desktop Server for Students

Passwords alone are no longer secure enough to protect certain kinds of data. Increased phishing attacks against higher-educational institutions, increases in identity theft crimes, and data breaches on other websites where usernames and passwords may have become exposed all contribute to the need for multi-factor authentication. Attackers will no longer be able to access sensitive information with just a stolen password. That’s where BuckeyePass and multi-factor authentication come in.¬†Multi-factor authentication adds a second layer of security that combines something you know (like your password) with something you have (a mobile device or phone).

Beginning May 5th, 2017, users will authenticate using this additional step when logging into the CON Remote Desktop Server. If you plan to use the Remote Desktop Server, please take a few minutes to visit http://buckeyepass.osu.edu to sign up for a BuckeyePass account and enroll a device. When you log into the Remote Desktop Server after May 5th, you will receive an authentication request on your enrolled device to be approved before the login is processed.

If you need assistance signing up for a BuckeyePass account, please call (614) 688-HELP.

For detailed instructions on how BuckeyePass will integrate with the CON Remote Desktop Server, please see the documentation on the IT section of Studentweb here: