Old Carmen is Going Away May 14, 2017

Old Carmen (D2L) will not be accessible as of May 14 (one week after the grade posting deadline). This truly is the last call to move any content, including course content, student records, or anything else you may need from old Carmen as soon as possible. During the summer of 2017, ODEE staff will have limited read-only access to D2L. After that, the Ohio State instance of D2L will be dismantled.

If you’re teaching in old Carmen this spring 2017 semester, you may want to mark your calendar with a reminder to export your grades and student submissions used for grading at the end of the term. 

If you haven’t already, submit a request to have your old Carmen course moved into Canvas now at http://go.osu.edu/movemycourse.  Keep in mind that exporting your course content from old Carmen (D2L) does not include student course submissions.  If you need to archive grades or student course work submissions, you will want to export them separately.  See this ODEE article for more information regarding records retention. The main thing to keep in mind is that student submissions used to determine their course grade need to be kept only for two terms after the term in which they were submitted.

Need to export grades from an old Carmen (D2L) course?  Use these steps.

Need to export Dropbox submissions? Use these steps.

Need to export Discussion Board postings?  Use these steps.