Analytical Highlights, January 2016 (by Jon Gutzwiller)

The following analytics highlight the opening of the semester in January as well as the whole of 2015 and are taken from Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster tools, and our infrastructure logs. The data cover our college website as well as Sharepoint and StudentWeb.

  • With the beginning of a new year, it brings a new chance to slash our old records when it comes to growth. Below is a chart that shows how our main College Website has become more profound year after year with year on year growth:
Browsing Sessions Page Views Users New Users
2015 28.00% 48.01% 50.92% 20.76%
2014 13.10% 45.40% 14.48% 1.03%
2013 27.15% 26.70% 27.60% 0.21%
2012 15.57% 36.22% 19.45% 3.79%
2011 15.55% 6.58% 18.19% 2.55%
2010 34.02% 14.67% 20.13% -10.57%

* Data for each year is compared to the previous year for its percentage, not to the present year.

  • Our highest traffic day of 2015 was August 25th 2015, with over 2,080 active and unique browsing sessions on our College website alone. Following in a not too distant second was January 2nd 2015 with 1,777 sessions with the amount of pages viewed on the 25/26th of August 2015 being over 10,400.
  • In January 2016, almost 6% of our users were not from the United States.  Here’s a breakdown for 2015 and January 2016.
    • 2015 Year End:
      U.S, 96.5%
      India, 0.6%
      Kenya, 0.3%
      Canada, 0.2%
      UK, 0.2%
    • January 2016:
      U.S, 94.3%
      Kenya, 0.7%
      India, 0.7%
      South Africa, 0.5%
      UK, 0.4%con-world-geolocation-2015 copyUS


  • In January 2016, we can see a healthy growth of new users, but from an area you might not expect. Holding a slight lead over their younger counterparts, a greater number of new users are 25+ in years of age. More web browsing sessions came from the younger generation, but our newest users were older in age.
  • User age also plays into how they find our website. Below is a chart of some unique websites that played a role in directing traffic to our website based on the age of the user:
Websites Search Engines Direct Hits
18-24,,,,,,, google, bing, yahoo 479
25-34,,,, facebook,,,,,, google, bing, yahoo 519
35-44,, google, bing, yahoo 307
45-54, google, bing, yahoo 228
55-64 google, yahoo, bing 132
65+ none google, bing, yahoo 40
  • Apple devices continue to dominate our websites, and mobile traffic on our wireless network. 68% of all mobile devices across all websites were Apple products in January, and over 55% of all devices used on our wireless network were iPhones.

Other data from December of 2015

  • The most visited area in 2015 for our male users in our Academic Programs was Family Nurse Practitioner, the second was Adult Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.
  • Our biggest advertising achievement of the year was the Welcome To Ohio State’s RN To BSN Option, with 2,362 search impressions (number of times any URL from our site appeared in search results viewed by a user).
  • Facebook led our social network drive with 47.86% of our social traffic coming from the website alone.