Download a Panopto Lecture

Here is how you can download a Panopto lecture for later playback.

Note: We suggest using Firefox or Internet Explorer. The RSS portion of these instructions may not work properly in Chrome or Safari.

1) Go to the Panopto lecture in question.

2) Click on the name of the folder where it’s located. This is listed on the top of the lecture.

Click on name of folder

3) The folder should open in a new tab. If the playback in the other tab annoys you, you’ll want to go back and pause it or just close that particular tab.

4) On the top right of the list of items under the Sign In link is an RSS feed icon. Click on it and choose Subscribe to RSS if you want video or Subscribe to RSS (audio only) if you want just the audio.

Subscribe to RSS

5) On the resulting page you will see a list of topics and files. Right click and choose the “save as” option in your browser to download the file.

List of topics and files