SoftChalk Resources to Explore

About a month ago, I proposed reasons you might want to look at SoftChalk Cloud with a group of campus partners in my blog post titled “Why you should take a (second) look at SoftChalk now.”

Today, I am sharing a few SoftChalk resources with my colleagues in the College of Dentistry.  Explore these sites to see if SoftChalk might be of interest to you, and let me know how I can be helpful if you want to get started!

SoftChalk web site

SoftChalk Cloud

Example of a Drag-and-Drop activity in SoftChalk (not Cloud; note the URL).

FAQs for SoftChalk

SoftChalk Showcase (great place to go to see what’s possible in SoftChalk; original files for some of these lessons can be downloaded and edited for your own use!)

SoftChalk Guides (includes that all-important student user guide to which you can refer your students)

eBook Builder